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Help Us Save a Seacoast Monument



 Tower with Flags During Open House      Pulpit Rock Tower

Standing guard over the Rye, New Hampshire coastline is the 73 feet high, Pulpit Rock Tower.   This cylindrical concrete tower was built in response to the commencement of World War II and the perceived threats to the busy war-industries facility at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. At this base-end station (fire-control tower), soldiers waited in watch for enemy ships so that their coordinates could be reported to the gun batteries at Ft. Dearborn (now Odiorne Point State Park) for proper aiming of the heavy guns.   Of the original fourteen towers built to defend Portsmouth Harbor, only Pulpit Rock Tower remains owned by the public in its near-original condition. The Friends of Pulpit Rock Tower, Inc., a not for profit organization, has been working to restore the tower and allow the public access.

Pulpit Rock Tower